001 – Die Nullnummer


  • AI (ChatGPT und CO, LLM vs GenAI, Bildungssystem und Deutschland im Verschlafmodus, Potenziale, Risiken, praktische Anwendungen etc, DeepFakes, Generative Kunst etc
  • Escaping the Doomscrollcycle / Cope Mechanisms
  • Cloud vs Self Hosting


Abspann – Middle Earth Poem by ChatGPT

In Middle Earth, where stories lie, The land of magic under sky, Where mountains tall and forests deep, And creatures strange their secrets keep.

The Shire is where the hobbits roam, With Bilbo and Frodo, far from home, Their journey grand, their quest divine, To cast the Ring into the fiery mines.

The elves in Rivendell dwell, With songs and lore and spells to tell, In Lothlorien, they dance and sing, Their beauty, grace, and wisdom bring.

The dwarves in mines of Moria mine, Their treasures lost, their fate entwine, The Balrog lurks, the darkness creeps, Their courage tested, their will it keeps.

In Rohan’s fields, the horses run, The riders charge, the battle won, Their king and queen, their courage shown, The golden hall, their home and throne.

In Gondor’s city, the tower tall, The White Tree stands, the realm in thrall, The steward leads, the sword is drawn, The armies march, the hope reborn.

In Mordor’s land, the darkness reigns, The Eye of Sauron, its power sustains, The ring must go, the quest is dire, The fellowship brave, their hearts on fire.

In Middle Earth, where tales are told, Of courage, hope, and love so bold, The journey long, the path unclear, But in the end, the light is near.